A deeper dive into using VMware on SoftLayer

IBM and VMware recently announced an expanded global strategic partnership that enables customers to operate a seamless and consistent cloud, spanning hybrid environments. VMware customers now have the ability to quickly provision new (or scale existing) VMware workloads to IBM Cloud.http://blog.softlayer.com/vmware-softlayer


Introducing VMware vCloud Suite 7 and vRealize Suite 7

vRealize Suite 7: Cloud Management Platform Reloaded! VMware is unveiling the new VMware vCloud Suite 7 and vRealize Suite 7 today!  We have revamped the entire Cloud Management Platform (CMP) line up in the past couple of months, and there are a lot of exciting updates in this launch.http://blogs.vmware.com/management/2016/02/introducing-vmware-vcloud-suite-7-vrealize-suite-7.html

vRealize Suite and vCloud Suite Pricing, Packaging and Licensing Changes

To better serve our customers managing today’s cloud environment, we have vastly simplified the packaging of our cloud management and compute virtualization product portfolio. Our core product lines now consist of vRealize Suite and vCloud Suite.http://blogs.vmware.com/management/2016/02/vrealize-suite-pricing-and-packaging-changes-2016.html