Google Fosters Another OpenStack Kubernetes Mashup

Because Google is such a wildly successful company and a true innovator when it comes to IT platforms, and because we know more about its infrastructure at a theoretical level than what has been built by other hyperscalers and cloud providers, it is natural enough to think that the future of compu


Converged Infrastructure Crosses the Chasm to OpenStack’s Early Majority

Converged Infrastructure goes by many names: Integrated Infrastructure, Hyper-converged Systems, Engineered Systems, Certified Reference Systems, Appliances; but they all describe pre-integrated complete systems comprised of compute, network, and storage (sometimes with applications too).

Walmart Labs CTO: How OpenStack Can Prevent Cloud Lock-in

When it comes to deployments of OpenStack, few, if any, are larger than Walmart’s. Next week, at the Open Stack Summit 2016 in Austin Texas, retail giant Walmart will detail how the company scales a single OpenStack region to 400 compute nodes that can host over 30,000 virtual machines.