Hybridization: A Mindset Approach

One of the most amazing attributes of the cloud and its related technologies is its sheer openness. New companies and ventures spring up daily, fueled, in some cases, by one single good idea. They launch first and then seek out operating capital through angels or crowdfunding afterward.http://cloudtweaks.com/2016/02/hybridization-social-data-cloud/

Hybrid Cloud Versus Hybrid IT

The difference between hybrid cloud and hybrid IT is more than just semantics. The hybrid cloud model is embraced by those entities and startups that don’t need to worry about past capital investments. These newer companies have more flexibility in exploring newer operational options.http://kevinljackson.blogspot.com/2016/02/hybrid-cloud-versus-hybrid-it-whats-hype.html

Whitepaper – Architecting Hybrid Cloud Environments

IT is experiencing a rapid sea of change towards greater consumption of capacity and services through public cloud providers. Enterprises are increasingly feeling pressured to leverage the cost economies and flexibility of cloud-based IT strategies.https://blogs.technet.microsoft.com/privatecloud/2016/01/19/whitepaper-architecting-hybrid-cloud-environments/