Taking on the Data Explosion With Equinix Data Hub

The explosion of data ̶ an estimated 44 zettabytes by 2020 ̶ is causing enterprises to rethink their data infrastructures. And for good reason: The sheer volume of data is outstripping the enterprise’s ability to store, access, move, process, analyze and protect it.https://blog.equinix.com/blog/2016/04/13/taking-on-the-data-explosion-with-equinix-data-hub/


IBM Launches Cloud Data And Analytics Marketplace For Developers

Makes sweeping portfolio open for data scientists and app developers with more than 25 cloud data services and 150 publicly available datasets ARMONK, New York – February 4, 2016: IBM (NYSE: IBM) today announced a broad expansion of its Cloud Data Services portfolio with more than 25 services nowhttp://cloudtweaks.com/2016/02/ibm-launches-cloud-data-and-analytics-marketplace-for-developers/