Q&A with Michael Behrendt on IBM’s Event-driven Programming Service Bluemix OpenWhisk

IBM joins a number of vendors making a play in the emerging paradigm of serverless computing with a new event-driven programming service for their Bluemix platform called OpenWhisk.http://www.infoq.com/news/2016/04/bluemix-ibm-interconnect


Announcing IBM API Connect on Bluemix

We’re excited to announce the release of IBM API Connect on Bluemix, a complete solution to manage every aspect of the API lifecycle. With integration between IBM StrongLoop and IBM API Management, API Connect is an entirely unique offering on the forefront of the API revolution.https://developer.ibm.com/bluemix/2016/04/01/announcing-ibm-api-connect-bluemix/

Bluemix Instant Runtimes, Containers or Virtual Machines?

IBM Bluemix is a very flexible platform that allows you to pick the right infrastructure for deploying your applications, but how do you know what is right for you? Bluemix offers three ways for you to run your applications. These environments, which are referred to as compute options, are:https://developer.ibm.com/bluemix/2015/08/05/bluemix-instant-runtimes-containers-or-virtual-machines/

Best of Bluemix: Docker containers & Golang, weather tracking, and hacker security

This post regularly showcases some of the best new Bluemix tutorials, videos, and other content published each week on developerWorks. Here are some of the most popular new tutorials published so far this year:https://developer.ibm.com/bluemix/2016/02/24/best-of-bluemix-docker-golang-weather-and-hacker-security/

Getting Started with Bluemix or “How to bluemix”

Coming from an environment with a focus on operational and feature stability, consistency and high availability, and now working in the era of Cloud Computing, agile development and continuous everything, products— or better —platforms like IBM Bluemix seem like an entirely different world.https://developer.ibm.com/bluemix/2016/02/18/getting-started-with-bluemix/