How to Compare AWS vs Azure vs Google vs SoftLayer

It is a multi-cloud world with most enterprises using a portfolio of multiple clouds. Typically they use at least several public clouds as well as private clouds.


Cloud Storage: AWS vs Azure vs Google vs SoftLayer

In taking a strategic approach to choosing their cloud infrastructure, enterprise are opting for a mix of public and private clouds to ensure that they are using the most appropriate clouds for their workloads and applications.

‚We love Linux‘ purrs Microsoft as Red Hat, Azure go on honeymoon

Penguinistas can now run Red Hat Enterprise Linux instances on Microsoft’s Azure cloud. Red Hat has had a team working at Microsoft HQ on the integration ever since the announcement of a partnership in November, but from Tuesday the two are ready to roll, it seems. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.

Azure PaaS services and DevOps tools for Azure Stack now available

Today we announced availability of additional Azure PaaS services and DevOps tools for Azure Stack Technical Preview environments. Check out the Azure Stack team’s blog post to learn more.

An early look at Azure Stack and what it means for IT

Last week we made available the Technical Preview for Azure Stack the latest phase of our hybrid cloud strategy which for the first time, gives you Microsoft Azure services to run your data center like a service provider.

Whitepaper – Architecting Hybrid Cloud Environments

IT is experiencing a rapid sea of change towards greater consumption of capacity and services through public cloud providers. Enterprises are increasingly feeling pressured to leverage the cost economies and flexibility of cloud-based IT strategies.